Frank Pereira, Program Manager

BSquare (colleague) reported to Darrell
- MyFord Touch Program

“Darrell is a high-level program manager with the ability to effectively manage very large projects with subordinate program managers. Darrell facilitated my efforts on the project, using every tool in his arsenal to ensure that all obstacles were removed. I achieved a great deal because he was leading the project. Darrell is able to represent the company’s interests to the highest levels in client organizations, and can maintain perspective and an attention to critical detail even in very fast moving, volatile conditions. He is also an excellent negotiator with the highest level of technical competence, and would be an excellent choice for a complex project.”

February 23, 2010

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Dean Starr, Director

BSQUARE (colleague) worked with Darrell

“It is with pleasure that I endorse Darrell Wasill. I worked with Darrell on an extraordinarily large, complex project. Darrell’s ability to assimilate, process, organize, coordinate and disseminate vast requirements was instrumental in winning and ramping this project. Furthermore, his intuitive awareness of the larger picture kept critical and potentially disruptive items in check. Darrell is a strong team member and makes constructive, well thought out contributions.”
July 2, 2012

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Richard Perales, Product Manager

VI Technology (business partner)
- MyFord Touch Program

“It was always very easy working with Darrell.  I will never understand how he managed all the tasks on his plate, but he seemed to tackle everything with ease. He can offer a lot to any company looking for a seasoned project/program manager.”

March 15, 2010

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Denise Barnes, Program Manager

Bsquare (colleague) reported to Darrell
MyFord Touch Program

“I reported to Darrell as project manager for a very large unique project creating a competing and cutting edge infotainment system. Darrell inspired both the project team and the vendors to carry out tasks necessary to complete their assignments. One thing I noted, is that Darrell has a knack for creating processes that could be used as templates even  within other areas of the company. This greatly assisted other coworkers in being better equipped to manage their assigned projects. Darrell has discernment to judge and execute in a timely fashion, areas of a project needing adjustment or revision!  The project we worked on was a very complex project needing a great leader in overseeing the management of it and encourage others to carry out their tasks. Darrell excepted nothing less than what he expected of the project team member.  He held them accountable.  Any employer seeking an individual to drive and motivate others effectively, manage numerous vendors and complexities into a final product delivery – Darrell is the PM that can exceed your expectation!”

April 30, 2009

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John Young, Product Marketing Manager

Airbiquity, Inc. (colleague)

“I have to say that I always enjoyed working with Darrell.  He has a dynamic personality and his management style is relaxed and refreshing. People working on Darrell’s team often commented on their feeling genuinely respected and valuable to the organization.   He is truly professional when representing the company in front of customers. I would be happy to work with Darrell again in the future.”

December 12, 2007

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Cheryl Gonzalez, Sr. Recruiter

Airbiquity Inc. (colleague)

“Darrell was great to work with.  He provided excellent details as to his hiring needs among the different teams he was managing.  We worked well together deciding the best approach in sourcing and closing on candidates.  Often times, he needed to have a particular resource for a project and he was excellent at providing me with as much lead team as possible and then following up to ensure I had all the information recruiting needed to fill his requirement.  Darrell has proven himself a proven partner in recruiting for his teams.”

September 12, 2008

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Mehmood Nurmohamed, Embedded Software Engineer

Airbiquity (colleague) reported to Darrell

“Darrell was an extremely approachable director.  He was attentive to concerns and addressed issues in a very timely manner.  Darrell also ensured that his team members maintained good morale.”

April 24, 2008

On top

Meredith Green, Chief Financial Officer

Airbiquity (colleague) managed me indirectly

“Darrell is a people oriented manager.  I appreciated working with Darrell and would like to work with him again.”

November 6, 2007

On top

Kit Adams, Information Services Manager

Airbiquity Inc (colleague)

“Darrell was a highly efficient Director who facilitated effective communication both throughout his group as well as his peers.  This was critical in the constant shifting of directions of product development.  His knowledge of current technologies enabled him to build a well thought out Sharepoint portal for the Engineering Team, enabling all to find information quickly.”

September 19, 2007

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Kristin Quick, Marketing Specialist

Airbiquity (colleague)

“I worked with Darrell at Airbiquity where he served as our Director of Product Development.  In my role as Marketing Specialist, Darrell and I worked on a team that established company processes and often worked together to plan technical demonstrations at trade shows.  Darrell is intelligent, friendly, and has a talent for talking with customers.  His technical knowledge combined with an ability to explain things in layman’s terms was an asset to our marketing efforts.  Darrell would be an asset to any company.”

September 19, 2007

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Wayne Waldroup, System Validation and Testing Manager

Airbiquity (colleague) worked
indirectly for Darrell

“I have worked at a total of three companies with Darrell, spanning from 1996 to 2007. Darrell is very strong technically and is very capable of managing large projects and/or several projects at the same time. He has also managed multiple product lines. I have always enjoyed working with Darrell. He is very personable and has a no nonsense management style.”

September 19, 2007

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Kent Mehrer, QA Manager

CoCo Communications (colleague)

“I know Darrell from working at CoCo Communications. He was the Development Manager for the Special Projects team. He managed the team’s projects well while performing everything from getting customer requirements through planning and executing the project plan to final test and delivery of his products. The customer appreciated his contribution to the success of the projects. Darrell also maintained an excellent balance of our company needs and those of our customer.”

September 28, 2007

On top

Lara Hyde, Contract recruiter

Puget Sound Companies (colleague)

“I worked with Darrell while recruiting at CoCo.  Darrell was a Development Manager in a very chaotic start up environment.  He hired and lead smart telented individuals and strived to keep them moving forward in that tough environment.  I recommend Darrell as a development professional who is eager to take on new challenges and motivate strong developers.”

September 19, 2007

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